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With MyBotPage you can build your landing pages yourself using our easy fill-in-the-blanks/click-a-few-buttons approach or you can use any of our high converting, ready-made templates. You can easily make branding and content tweaks to personalize your MyBotPage experience when using a ready-made template.

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MyBotPage Landing Page Share Templates

Real Estate: Initial Questionnaire
Share Code: CODE30

Make a game-changing first impression by having all your leads utilize a professional intake questionnaire giving you the info to hit the ground running for your new clients.

Real Estate: Home Requirements
Share Code: CODE22

Increase your closing rates by having your leads define their dream home by having them answer the questions professionally presented using this MyBotPage template.

Real Estate: Apartment Rentals
Share Code: CODE20

Deliver professional Real Estate services for clients looking for rental apartments or homes as this template will fully qualify your leads to save you time and earn more money.

Real Estate: Home Viewing Rater
Share Code: CODE32

Show your clients your outstanding organization and professionalism by having them use this simple rating tool for every house you show them leading to saved time and more sales.

Yoga: Quiz And Lead Capture
Share Code: CODE19

Educate and engage visitors with a quiz on the benefits of yoga. Then capture their information and give them a bonus offer such as a free class.

Home Financing: Mortgage Questionnaire
Share Code: CODE29

Use AI technology to simplify the lead capture process for mortgage companies and other lending companies leading to more clients and happier clients.

Insurance: Car Insurance Quote
Share Code: CODE60

Capture all the needed information to complete a car insurance quote in a very professional manner while keeping the focus of the user on your MyBotPage wihtout any distractions.

Website: Under Construction Placeholder
Share Code: CODE18

Actively capture new website visitors while you are building out your new website with a MyBotPage that gets visitors to be notified of the website grand opening.

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MyBotPage uses conversational AI chatbots that can be shared with other MyBotPage owners by using a template share code to present interactive and engaging branded messaging keeping the visitor's complete focus leading them to your conversion goal.

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👉 No. They are always free and we are adding more all the time.
👉 Yes. You can import a free template share code whenever you need to.
👉 Yes. Yyour MyBotPage Back Office has a very simple way to save a snapshot of the content that is on one of your MyBotPages as a share code. Then you can give others (even sell them) to use as they simply paste in the share code into their MyBotPage account..
👉 Yes. Once the share code is implemented onto one of your MyBotPages, you can edit it any way you want.
👉 Easy. You simply paste the share code of the tempalte you want to use into your MyBotPage Back Office in the Share Code section.