MyBotPages are AI-Driven Landing Pages that you can easily create featuring interactive experiences leading to the highest possible goal conversion rates.

The MyBotPage Back Office makes it simple and quick for anyone to build dynamic landing pages that utilize a conversation flow using quizzes, surveys, training, questionnaires, coaching lessons, videos, lead magnets, ratings, trivia and more.

If you have 100's or even 1000's of reps, distributors or resellers promoting your brand, MyBotPage has two ways to scale, distribute, and replicate your high converting landing pages for all to use.

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Any Industry - Any Purpose - Any Goal

MyBotPage Popular Usages

Marketing Campaigns

Dazzeling First Impressions

Increase the ROI on all your existing advertising spend and marketing efforts by driving the clicks to your high-converting MyBotPage Landing Pages - Engage, Brand, Convert.

Customer Retention

Awaken Past Customers

Keep the conversation going with new and old customers to drive top-of-mind awareness of your brand with engaging content delivered on MyBotPage Landing Pages.

Customer Service

Delight Customers 24/7

Turn your customer service challenges into engaging and problem solving automated interactions saving time and money using MyBotPage Landing Pages.

Lead Magnet & Capture

Engage every visitor with great branding and deliver enough beneficial content to prove your value and earn their trust.

As they proceed through the conversation and truly understand your valuable offer, it will be easy to capture their highly-qualified lead info. You can then immediately have them click to download your promised Lead Magnet file. As an option to a download, their simple button click can send them to a URL destination instead such as Facebook or your own website.

Campaign Ad Landing Page

In today's extremely competitive online marketplace your current cost per lead and conversion rates are most likely flat or declining.

The solution to this discouraging ROI trend is to invest into the experience your driving your clicks to.

Create dedicated interactive MyBotPage Landing Pages for each ad campaign to deliver greater ROI of your spend and convert more clients from it.

Interactive Coaching Lesson

Coaches if you want to engage potential clients with your extremely valuable coaching offerings, then an interactive MyBotPage would be perfect to build up your lists and expand your business.

You can take one of your short single-topic videos and deliver it with up to 10 multiple-choice questions where each answer chosen by the visitor would then present a contextually based response directly from you. You will win over highly-qualified leads to follow-up and turn into great clients.

Custom Quote Request

Getting every piece of information needed from every customer is critical to have an efficient and effective selling process.

MyBotPage can deliver an engaging user experience to capture every needed element to be able to deliver a custom quote for purchase in a professional and timely manner. Emails are sent to the visitor for their records and instantly sent to your designated email address for processing. A Custom Quote MyBotPage can service any industry or product type.

Customer Support Issues

Custom Support can be a real positive for every small business if it is available 24/7 to existing and future customers and the entire process is handled efficiently.

MyBotPage Interactive Landing Pages are perfect for building a reporting system. You can ask all the pertinent questions and get the complete contact info. By using a MyBotPage for issue reporting, you will no longer receive vague support requests that cause too much unnecessary work for your staff and frustrates your customers.

Video Training Session

Video is a powerful element to include in your MyBotPage and it is especially great for training lessons as you can ask direct questions related to the video to test understanding of the material.

You can use one main video and ask up to 10 questions or you can have 10 individual videos with one question asked after each video is watched. The questions can be either open-ended or be in a multiple-choice format with grading and custom responses based on the answer selected.

Website Placeholder Page

Launching a new website takes a lot of planning and effort, so while you are building it you can use a MyBotPage Website Placeholder Page.

Get a tremendous head start to your marketing by inviting visitors to sign up for news about your company and a get a Grand Opening offer for your new website. With MyBotPage you are instantly in business. And if you really think about it, a MyBotPage might be all you need for your entire web presence.

Webinar Signup

Use your MyBotPage to tell the world about your upcoming webinar and allow them to reserve their seat.

You can include a video that promotes the webinar and then you can capture in-depth registration data. You can ask up to 10 questions as part of the registration. You can even have them enter in questions or areas of content that they would like to see covered in the webinar. The more they interact with the page the more likely they will show up to the webinar.

New Client Questionnaire

When meeting with a new or potential client, you should first have that person visit your MyBotPage and complete the quick questionnaire so that you can be fully prepared to wow them into a big sale.

In Real Estate, just like most any other sales situation, it is best to always look very professional and handle all the details that help you deliver delightful service prior to your meetings. Don't waste valuable talk time asking simple questions that you should have gotten prior to the meeting.

Quiz Lead Capture

Unlike any other landing page system available, MyBotPage gives you the ability to deliver engaging and interactive experiences like a quiz that will achieve great conversion rates and very accurate lead information.

You have many different quiz formats available with MyBotPage which can include multiple choice questions with grading and contextual responses. You can ask open-ended text questions to get the visitor to type in their answers.

Image Ratings

You can create 7 different types of ratings MyBotPages as we have 7 different ratings scales to use on a landing page.

A ratings chatbot flow can have up to 10 statements, images or videos to rate. You simply select a rating scale from "Agree, Dissagree", "True, False", "Like, Dislike", "Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor", "Strongly Agree, Agree, Undecided, Disagree, Strongly Disagree", "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" or ":⭐, ⭐⭐, ⭐⭐⭐, ⭐⭐⭐⭐, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐".

Trivia Quiz Game

Trivia is a powerfully engaging element on a MyBotPage. You can use our self-grading chatbot flow or the questions with responses flow option to build out a trivia playing experience.

By first entertaining a visitor they will be more apt to engage with the lead capture process to either get their score of the game or to find more great trivia like they just played. Upgrade your landing page experiences with trivia based on relevant content to your business.

Customer Surveys

Talking with your customers to understand their needs and opinions of their experiences interacting with your brand is invaluable information that you must always be seeking.

With a MyBotPage you can customize the questions to the type of interaction they had with you. Create a unique set of survey questions for each part of your business operations. With MyBotPage you can ask multiple-choice questions or open-ended text questions.

Job Skills Assessment

You can greatly improve your job hiring processes by having all your applicants go through a standard skills assessment test that is simple to create using MyBotPage.

You can create unique assessment tests for each job you are trying to fill. The test can have up to 10 areas for the applicant to rate their skill level. Here we used a scale of 1 - 10 for the applicant to choose from for each question. You can then compare applicants based on their completed test.

Easily Scale to 1000's of Individual Users

Replicate Landing Pages For Affiliate Marketing And Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

With MyBotPage, you can give everyone representing your brand the very best tools to successfully promote and sell for you. Your beautiful and high-converting MyBotPage Landing Pages (lead capture pages) can easily be replicated so that every salesperson, distributor, reseller, agent, downline, and affiliate can have their own personalized version of your MyBotPages. MyBotPage makes this easy to accomplish and manage and even easier for each one of your representatives to incorporate into their marketing efforts for you. Replicable and dynamic MyBotPages can be launched quickly.

There are two replication options to take control of your messaging in the marketplace.

Option 1: Simple & Easy

Your MyBotPage Promoted By All Users

Lead Forwarding Based On User ID In Custom MyBotPage URL

You build a great MyBotPage Landing Page on your own MyBotPage account and each authorized user will get their own unique page URL to promote and drive traffic to it and each captured lead will then be sent to that user's own email address. Your users do not have to do anything at all but promote their unique url.

As the owner of the account, you are paying for any and all fees for your users. You may charge/collect your users a fee if you wish. All of your individual's user data (name, email, userid) will be uploaded into your own MyBotPage Account through the MyBotPage Back Office.

Option 2: Powerful & Flexible

All Users Promote Their Own MyBotPage

Share Codes Clone Your Content Onto Users' MyBotPages

You build your MyBotPage Landing Page and pass along the Share Code to your users. Each user must purchase their own MyBotPage account. They then import your content using that Share Code onto their MyBotPage and can personalize any part of the MyBotPage content as they see fit. Each user establishes their own URL to promote and they receive all lead info.

We can do a revenue sharing split on your user's MyBotPage account purchases or you can waive this and pass along deep discounts to them. Each MyBotPage account can have up to 10 live landing pages. There is no limit of Share Codes you can create and distribute to your users.


MyBotPage Amazing Features

❤ AI-Chatbot Driven Landing Pages
⚪ Create Unlimted Landing Pages
⚪ Easy To Use Fill-In-The-Blanks Builder
❤ Desktop & Mobile Responsive
⚪ Totally Hosted Solution
⚪ 5 Pre-Built Chatbot Flows
⚪ Interactive Conversational Content
⚪ Over 100 Backgrounds Available
❤ Free Ready-Made Share Templates
⚪ Use Your Own Domain Names
⚪ SEO Friendly Meta Tags
❤ Lead Magnet Download Ready
⚪ Hosted Videos Or YouTube Player
⚪ Create Your Own Share Templates
❤ Configurable Lead Capture Fields
⚪ Customizable Email Follow-Up
⚪ Optional Done-For-You Services
⚪ 30-Day Free Trial Available


MyBotPages Is A Fantastic Lead Capture Page To Show Your Valuable Training To Earn Highly Qualified Leads.

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MyBotPage Back Office Is So Simple

Page Management

Using the your MyBotPage Back Office is so simple to manage your MyBotPages. You get up to 10 live MyBotPages to help your company save time, save money and drive more business. Here you can see individual page stats such as your page views, engaged visitors and leads captured since the last time you reset the stats counters.

In this section of your Back Office you can select which page to edit, you can change the PageID, add additional pages, delete pages, assign an additional page editor.

Lead Capture

Lead capture is a main functionality of a MyBotPage and is totally configurable to get you the information you need from every lead.

In the lead capture section of your Back Office you will be able to select which fields to capture, add inviting text and lead capture button. You will also be able to add up to 6 fill-in-the-blank lead capture questions so you have the power and flexibility you need while keeping everything simple to use and master. You can turn on and customize the email that would go out directly to the lead for another way to communication your value and offerings to highly-qualified leads.

Chatbot Flows

The ability to create interactive and engaging MyBotPages is delivered by implementing the Chatbot Flow you want to use such as a survey, training test or rating a set of images or statements. Each flow will present all your options to complete in its own section in the content management area of the Back Office.

You get all the standard sections on every MyBotPage and get to choose what type of interactions you want to include in your landing page. Each one of chatbot flows except Flow 1 include up to 10 interactive questions or tasks. Each flow has unique features to allow you to build out very engaging landing pages.

Page Content

Each MyBotPage can be created and used to achieve a specific goal for your business. By placing the right content in the individual blocks you will create your MyBotPage. The MyBotPage system only shows content that has been added to the page in the Back Office so just leave blank items you don't want to appear.

There are so many ways that you can use the fields available to you to build out your MyBotPage. It is easy to add, edit and remove content by simple clicks of buttons. You can see which fields already have content as they will have the "edit pencil" included in the button. Learning the MyBotPage Back Office is simple and you will become a master in a very short time.

Real Estate Professionals

MyBotPages Used In Real Estate Are Winning Over More Clients, Acquiring More Listings, And Closing Lots More Sales.

✔ Real Estate MyBotPage DEMO
All Templates - Always Free

MyBotPage Landing Page Share Templates

With MyBotPage you can build your landing pages yourself using our easy fill-in-the-blanks/click-a-few-buttons approach or you can use any of our high converting, ready-made templates. You can easily make branding and content tweaks to personalize your MyBotPage experience when using a ready-made template.

PRO TIP: You can learn the capabilities of MyBotPages by checking out all the demos.

Real Estate: Initial Questionnaire
Share Code: CODE30

Make a game-changing first impression by having all your leads utilize a professional intake questionnaire giving you the info to hit the ground running for your new clients.

Real Estate: Home Requirements
Share Code: CODE22

Increase your closing rates by having your leads define their dream home by having them answer the questions professionally presented using this MyBotPage template.

Real Estate: Apartment Rentals
Share Code: CODE20

Deliver professional Real Estate services for clients looking for rental apartments or homes as this template will fully qualify your leads to save you time and earn more money.

Insurance: Car Insurance Quote
Share Code: CODE60

Capture all the needed information to complete a car insurance quote in a very professional manner while keeping the focus of the user on your MyBotPage wihtout any distractions.

Home Financing: Mortgage Questionnaire
Share Code: CODE29

Use AI technology to simplify the lead capture process for mortgage companies and other lending companies leading to more clients and happier clients.

Yoga: Quiz And Lead Capture
Share Code: CODE19

Educate and engage visitors with a quiz on the benefits of yoga. Then capture their information and give them a bonus offer such as a free class.


MyBotPages Are Great For Building Engaging Interactive Lessons To Deliver Courses Or To Use For Lead Capture.

✔ Coaching MyBotPage DEMO
No Monthly Fees - Pay For Engaged Visitors Only

MyBotPage Pricing

30-Day Free Trial

Give MyBotPage a try for 30 days - all features included.

  • UNLIMITED MyBotPage Landing Pages
  • 200 Engaged-Visitor View Credits *
  • Fully Hosted
  • 5 Chatbot Interactive Flow Options
  • Access To All Shared Templates
  • 100+ Beautiful Backgrounds
  • Easily Convert Trial To Paid Account

MyBotPage Live


One-Time $297 account setup-fee.

  • UNLIMITED MyBotPage Landing Pages
  • 200 Engaged-Visitor View Credits *
  • Fully Hosted w/Optional Custom Domain
  • 5 Chatbot Interactive Flow Options
  • Access To All Shared Templates
  • 100+ Beautiful Backgrounds
  • No Monthly Fees ****

Additional MyBotPage Services

Engaged-Visitor View Credits *

400 Credits ... $25
1,000 Credits ... $50
2,500 Credits ... $100
10,000 Credits ... $300

Upgraded Services

Custom Background Placement ... $50
Custom Background Design ... $100
3rd Party API Connection** ... $200
Email Drip Lead Follow-Up** ... $300

Done-For-You Services

Hire a MyBotPage expert to
create and implement it all for you.

MyBotPage Creation Services*** ... $300

* One engaged-visitor view credit is deducted for each visitor session that includes at least one button click on your MyBotPage.
** Prices listed are for basic/standard implementations, more complex requirements will be quoted.
*** MyBotPage Creation Services are priced per individual landing Page (image work extra).
**** $50 Yearly Renewal Fee After First Year

Service Related Businesses

MyBotPages Are The Best Way To Engage And Educate Visitors So They Want To Do Business With You.

✔ Yoga Quiz Lead Capture MyBotPage DEMO

Answers To Your
MyBotPage Questions?

MyBotPage is a revolutionary service unlike any other in the world.

MyBotPage uses AI chatbots on beautiful landing pages to present interactive and engaging branded messaging keeping the visitor's complete focus leading them to your conversion goal.

Do you have more questions?

If so please use our MyBotPage Support page to report it: Report Question - Issue.

👉 Yes, we do. You can test out MyBotPages for free for 30 days.

With the trial account you get access to every feature and functionality available in our paid account. You can easily upgrade your trial account to a paid account and keep all the work you did.
👉 A MyBotPage account comes with the ability for you to create unlimited MyBotPage Landing Pages.
👉 Absolutely, this is what makes MyBotPages so amazing and unlike any other landing page solution anywhere.

There are many ways that we can configure your MyBotPages to supply from a few of users to thousands. You can share your MyBotPage Landing Pages by creating share codes in your Back Office that other MyBotPage account holders can simply paste into their MyBotPage Back Office to import your content onto one of their pages.

Another option is that we configure your custom MyBotPage Landing Pages to be driven by a unique id in the URL associated with each unique user so they get the leads directly sent to them. Example: https://mybotpage.com/?id=myIDe&user=theirID
👉 MyBotPage is truly a simple to use solution that anyone can become proficient at building and launching MyBotPages in minutes.

We have built the MyBotPage Back Office using our own chatbot technology making operation simple as clicking and filling in the blanks. The chatbot flows for your MyBotPage Landing Pages are already scripted so that you can easily follow the templates and create great user experiences that will get the visitors to your conversion goal without distractions and confusing paths.
👉 MyBotPages use conversational chatbots to lead the visitor through a scripted flow without the numerous distractions of traditional landing pages, websites or social properties.

Instead of fighting to keep your visitor’s attention, MyBotPages keep the visitors laser-focused on every piece of content giving you the best chance to deliver the needed messaging to get the conversion. Everyone already knows that unique landing pages for post-click destinations for campaigns works, we have taken that up 10-fold to get even more returns for your landing pages using conversational flow and lots of engaging interactivity such as surveys, tests, training, ratings and more.
👉 Wow, now you are uncovering the super potential of the MyBotPage platform for digital agencies, online marketers, web designers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs.

It is quite easy to master the entire MyBotPage platform very quickly (in hours not days) and add it to your menu of valuable services that you offer. We have published done-for-you services pricing that you can use as a baseline for what you could possible charge (low end) for creating MyBotPages.

If you have clients that do a lot of marketing and advertising promotions, each one of those campaigns should direct their clicks to a unique MyBotPage Landing Page. With MyBotPage you now can boast that you design and deliver high converting landing pages using AI Chatbot technology. We will help you every step of the way so you can be successful.
👉 MyBotPages has taken the best of what chatbots can do and simplified the entire process making them within the reach of 99% of the businesses that need to upgrade their marketing to achieve their goals.

A chatbot platform like TruVISIBILITY’s TruCHAT is amazing, and the skilled developer can really build powerful and highly customized solutions with it. TruCHAT is the core platform that MyBotPages uses to provide our entire solution. If you are wanting to explore a complete chatbot platform then there is no better solution than TruCHAT.

With MyBotPages you do not have to get into programming the chatbots, you just work with your own content and plug it into your MyBotPage templates. You do not know how to program, and that is what so many businesses need. And we are finding out that so many agencies want a platform that they can quickly build solutions that engage, interact and convert their client’s visitors.

Become A MyBotPage Service Provider/Agency

Calling all digital agencies, web developers, graphic artists, copywriters, online marketers and entrepreneurs - Add MyBotPages as another professional value-added service that you can sell your past, present and future clients.

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